Paul Cushing

Hi there! I’m Paul Cushing. I’m a Software Development Engineer, a husband, a father, a son, a friend, and an enjoyer of many things, including sunsets, hiking, beers and epic stories.

That’s the short and sweet version. There’s lot of nuance in there.

For more about me on the personal side, I have a poorly maintained blog at thePaulCushing.com. I try not to throw too many technical things on there, since my primary audience is my wife and my mom. 🤣 So this site (the one you’re on now) may be just the thing.

I often take notes on the things I learn. New shortcuts. The syntax for this or that. However, I also have not found one place to log all of the notes. Many of them have been in physical notebooks that are now long gone… along with the information. Many have been in Apple Notes, Evernote, Notion, or one of the many other wonderful note taking apps I’ve used.

This will hopefully be the solution. One note repository to rule them all perhaps. We shall see.